Written by

Directed by

Sheryl Glubok

Produced by

Sheryl Glubok

Wesley Matheny


Maggy Stacy

Matt Block

Date Released

Mar 16, 2016


5 minutes

About the Film

After moving to Colorado, I met a talented group of filmmakers at 7 & CO and a wonderful actress named Maggy Stacy. Add one Shakespeare Sonnet and the crazy brainchild of Theater critic John Moore who wanted to make a short film for every Shakespeare sonnet (154!) and voila, SONNET 98 was born. When I read "From you have I been absent in the spring…” I immediately identified that longing as heartbreak. Maggy thought it would be fun to set it in a nightclub and damn if the Bard didn’t just work there. A lesson again in the timelessness of heartache, longing, and the need for love.

Sunboy was a fabulous band I’d seen at Denver’s indie music showcase, UMS, and Materialize is such a great song. They let us film a concert at Jonathan Bitz’s legendary Syntax Physics Opera. It was a blast.

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