Written by

Directed by

Sheryl Glubok

Produced by

Sterling Cook

Sheryl Glubok

Wesley Matheny


Marina Leo

Aïcha Bleers

Grace Dotson

Maggy Stacy

Date Released

April 14, 2018


13 minutes

About the Film

In 2011, I wrote LILY 'N' ROSE for fun. I had no expectations I would ever make it. I thought of myself as a writer then, directing was something I had wanted to do from the beginning, but had gotten lost on the way. My new friend Jessica Ticktin and I had bonded over being writers and mothers of young children and thought it would be fun to have coffee once a week and make up a story.

I loved this script of first best friends growing apart. That first heartbreak is so palpable and one Jessica and I both remembered with such clarity nearly 30 years later. I wanted LNR to be done professionally (paying people!) and on the scale of a feature meaning: we’d have a proper budget, the best cast and crew we could attract, and all the departments from composer to colorist.

I knew we had something special just making our pitch video for the Seed & Spark campaign. It helped us create a dedicated community that is still with us today. Check it out here along with a bit of 80s nostalgia care of 5280s.

I feel like this is the film where it all came together: desire, craft, resources, and belief.

Our young teen cast of Marina Leo, Aïcha Bleers, Grace Dotson, Eliza Disbrow, and Tessa Maruyama give me hope that all will be well in this world as they grow up more self-aware and empowered than my generation. To work with Maggy Stacy again who embodied Lily’s grown-up self (literally or figuratively, your choice ;) was a joy. As was working with the brilliant cinematographer Johanna Coelho. That Alexa Mini with Vintage Cooke lenses were worth all those pennies.

So was writing the 80s throwback Steel Heart with Neil Lyons, Reed Fox, and Megan Crooks of Denver’s own music collective Moon Magnet. There’s such amazing talent here in Denver, I love connecting with our creative community. Check out the Soundtrack on Spotify!

Speaking of community, Paonia, Colorado were the consummate hosts as our film crew who came from all over the country. We planted ourselves there for a week and enjoyed every minute. Did you know we make wine in Colorado? They do in Paonia.

Visit www.lilynrosefilm.com for more info on cast, crew, and BTS.

There’s such amazing talent here in Denver, I love connecting with our creative community!

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