WELCOME TO THE FISHBOWL – co-written with Donald Rae

In order to publish her debut novel, a stalled-our writer must flee her domestic life to get a manic author to an awards ceremony in the mountains. Lives, loves, and destiny are all on the line in this screwball comedy about middle age.

“=” (formerly known as THE PRISONER AND THE PROFESSOR) Alfred P. Sloan script at Hamptons Screenwriting Lab

Inspired by a true events…San Francisco Bay Area, 1950 – a mathematician engaged in the top secret development of the hydrogen bomb forms an unlikely bond with a prisoner in Alcatraz and a free-spirited poet, full in the knowledge that either relationship may bring about the complete destruction of his world.

BROKEN RECORD – co-written with Donald Rae

A broken-hearted recording engineer attempts to reunite a legendary 70s rock band in order to impress his rock journalist ex-girlfriend and win her back.

MONA IN THE PROMISED LAND (based on the novel by Gish Jen)

17 year old Mona Chang, self-made mouth, turns her traditional Chinese parents’ lives on end when she converts to Judaism, smokes pot, has sex, and befriends the racially diverse group of workers at her family’s pancake house. In being a true American teen, she risks her family’s tenuous grasp on the American dream.


In an accidental shooting, a young woman gets a bullet lodged in her brain. Discovering it’s inoperable but could be fatal any moment, she hits the road with her best friend and together they try to outrun their demons.


Sheryl’s very first script, a film noir following a female PI through the mean streets of San Francisco. Hey, we all have to start somewhere.