WELCOME TO THE FISHBOWL (shooting in Colorado Late Summer 2020)

In order to publish her debut novel, a stalled-our writer must flee her domestic life to get a manic author to an awards ceremony in the mountains. Lives, loves, and destiny are all on the line in this screwball comedy about middle age.


Lily stands on the precipice of adolescence. When her best friend Rose abandons her for a new best friend, Lily flees into the wilderness only to confront something even more profound.


Created for John Moore's Denver Sonnets Project,  this short film is a contemporary take on Shakespeare's Sonnet 98, "From you have I been absent in the spring..." a poem about heartbreak, longing, and finding a way forward. Featuring Denver-based actors Maggy Stacy, Matt Block, with music and performance by Sunboy. Shot at Syntax Physic Opera.


On a winter weekend getaway, a woman picks up a musician who ignites her creative passion.


A young woman goes on a search for love and self-understanding with the help of two lovers.