Sheryl is a writer, director, and storyteller based in Denver, Colorado.

Ever since she saw her first movie in a theater at the age of 5, she's been passionate about the movies. It was BAMBI, which made her sob. She’s been known to tear up in dark theaters ever since.

Sheryl didn’t formally study film until her senior year at Stanford when she studied abroad at FAMU, the film academy in Prague. This despite her father’s admonishing:

Film’s not a good way to make a living!

You don’t choose your passion Dad, it chooses you.

Oy vey, get a job!

And with that she fell even more deeply in love with film.

ALEXIA was her first short film shot in Prague on 16mm starring French actress Alexia Stresi and her film professor Jiri Menzel (director of CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS). It was 11 minutes, had no dialogue, and premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Next up was production work in New York and LA as an Assistant Director and Locations Manager, which included an unforgettable gig on SLING BLADE, shot in Arkansas, where she and Billy Bob were raised (though not together).

See Dad, I can earn money in film.

A few hundred a week does not a living make.

Begrudgingly, she admitted he had a point. Besides, Sheryl really wanted to write. She got a job as an executive recruiter and her MFA in creative writing from  Bennington College. One of the coolest moments was when she got to see Carrie Brownstein (pre-PORTLANDIA) play ping pong.

She taught writing and screenwriting at Champlain and Burlington Colleges, and just before moving west made her second short film, THAW, starring Molly Walsh and singer-songwriter Lowell Thompson, which was shot in Vermont.

In 2013, Sheryl and her family moved to Colorado a glorious return since she left the state of her birth at 8 months old. She's recommitted to her filmmaking as well, finding inspiration in this sunny, mountainous place she's so happy to call home.

Her dad has since passed away, and while she tries not to walk down the street having conversations with him out loud, she’s convinced he would say to her:

Life is short, follow your passion, but don’t quit your day job.